1-5 Schools $9.99 each
6-10 Schools $7.99 each Save 20%
11-15 Schools $5.99 each Save 40%
16+ Schools $4.99 each Save 50%
Note: Multi-School discount is cumulative for your benefit.

So how does this work?

As a student-athlete, you simply upload your video to your profile and then choose the specific schools that you desire to view your information. Then you get an email once they do!

What are the cool features?

  • Online profile that includes all of your contact, athletic, and academic information as well as up to four videos of your choice.
  • Easy to use school selection system allows you to submit your info and video electronically to every school you are interested in instantaneously!
  • Get notified immediately every time a new school of your choosing views your video and profile. Awesome, Florida just watched my video!
  • Get seen and receive interest emails from schools via Go Big Recruiting's search functionality. Add them to your list of schools as soon as they show interest in you!
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YouTube and HUDL Are NOT Enough!

The Old Way
Full Profile on HUDL/YouTube No
Video Viewership Notification No
Ability To Add Full Games No
College Coach Feedback ???
Full Profile (Free!) Yes
Video Viewership Notification Yes
Ability To Add Full Games Yes
College Coach Feedback Instantaneous (profile view)