Why Go Big Recruiting?


Hundreds of college coaching staffs specifically mention Go Big Recruiting as a preferred method of receiving profiles and videos. Why? Go Big is the only system that allows coaches to run advanced searches on athletic and academic measurables, see transcripts, highlight films and most importantly full games all in ONE PLACE. Coaches want all of this information on one searchable system, and Go Big is the #1 preferred system.

Peace of Mind

Go Big Recruiting is the only viewership-enabled video submission platform available to recruits. What does viewership-enabled mean? Every time you submit your video to college coaches you will receive a view receipt notification that the coach has actually watched it or has seen your profile. DVDs, Youtube or HUDL links are not enough - you need to know!


Go Big allows you to control the process at your own pace. Build your profile, add your videos, send to schools on your own. Interact with coaches and respond to college coach requests for information on your own online. We’re here to answer your questions but won’t call to sell you anything.


Go Big allows you to submit viewership-enabled video to the schools of your choice for only $4.99 per school at our top volume level. You control the schools and you only pay for what you need.

Full Games

Go Big allows you to add up to 2 full games to your searchable profile.