Rising Juniors

Maximizing your Full Scholarship Opportunities

For this age group, the recruiting picture is really starting to clear up. Players have started to separate themselves. Elite players have for the most part received at least one offer. They have had stacks and stacks of mail. They’ve been on campuses. Coaches have visited their high school. They’ve been told to call college coaches through 3rd parties, such as their high school coach or the media. From the college coaches perspective, the top programs have a pretty good idea of who the top athletic talents are out there at each position, however the situation is a little fluid depending on time of year. By the time most elite programs get into June, their board for Rising Seniors is done. For some it may be done much earlier, even back into the Spring. Others may have a large percentage of their class filled by verbal commitments at this point. By the end of the year those top programs have moved to your class - the rising juniors!

Be Strategic About College football Scholarship Offers

By the end of the summer headed into their junior year of high school - many elite players are being heavily recruited and many have verbal offers. One of the biggest mistakes recruits make at this stage is to still hold on and just think that they’ll magically get discovered just because they want to play at a certain school. You may be a rising junior and it’s been your dream to play at Ohio State - but so far you haven’t been on the varsity and you haven’t received a single piece of recruiting mail. Is your dream of becoming a Buckeye gone? Absolutely not! Should you start becoming proactive and getting your viewership-enabled video to as many schools as possible right away? Yes!!

Why? Simple: The Ohio State Football Coaching Staff has already identified their top prospects in your class. They know who they want. Will they add to their list? Yes. If you have a big junior year can you get on that list? Absolutely. Go have that huge junior year - but in the meantime be sure you let as many coaching staffs as possible know who you are and what you can do academically and athletically. It’s time for every single HS football player with aspirations of playing in college to get their viewership-enabled video video out to as many programs as possible. The less you’ve heard from coaches, the more schools you should be sending your profile and viewership-enabled video out to at this point.

When it comes to recruiting, Go Big or go home!

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