Men’s Basketball Highlight Video Guidelines

A well-made basketball recruiting video is essential for high school basketball players who are trying to earn scholarships. Most college basketball coaches don’t have the time to travel and see hundreds of basketball recruits in person. That’s why a highlight video is a key component of your online resume. It takes just a few minutes for a good recruiting video to show coaches what a high school basketball recruit can do on the court.

For your highlight video to be effective, you need to know exactly what basketball coaches are looking for. Each sport is different when it comes to recruiting videos. For example, a basketball highlight video should use 20 to 40 clips from game footage only. Those clips should illustrate a wide range of ability on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. If you follow the guidelines below and create a high-quality recruiting video, you’re taking the first step toward earning a basketball scholarship.

When it comes to recruiting, Go Big or go home!

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