Early Sophomores

Have the College Men's Volleyball Scouts Noticed You?

Now that you have a full freshman season under your belt it’s time to start level-setting.

  • Are you playing for an Elite AAU Team?
  • Did you play varsity ball as a freshman?
  • Did you start on JV at a top HS program?
  • Did you start on an elite travel team over the summer?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you should already be getting recruited and receiving a lot of mail from college coaches. If that’s the situation you’re in, great! It’s time keep the momentum going and go ahead and send an updated viewership-enabled highlight video back out to coaches at elite college programs.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above and didn’t receive any letters from college coaches during your freshman year, you’re already being under-recruited! Your talent and hard work is being overlooked! Don’t procrastinate and fall further behind. Expand the list of schools you send your profile and viewership-enabled skill video to. For example if you believe you are a high level D1 prospect and you didn’t receive mail from any Division 1 schools, you should send your video to as many D2 & D3 schools as possible.

If you answered no to the questions above, there is no need for concern, but from a recruiting perspective you shouldn’t focus on the top programs right now; continue to work hard to develop your skills and get your profile and viewership-enabled skill video out to as many programs as possible at all levels.

When it comes to recruiting, Go Big or go home!

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