Shortstop and 2nd Basemen

  • Regardless if you are a SS or 2B, you will need to take your groundballs at SS in order to maximize range and arm strength.
  • With the camera angle positioned 4 ft. to the left of the mound for half and 4 ft. behind short stop for half (must see 1st baseman catch the ball).
    • 4 Feeds to 2B for double plays.
    • 4 Feeds from the 2B coming across the bag and making the throw to 1B. (can also turn it as a second baseman receiving from the short stop if you are a second baseman.)
    • 4 Slow Choppers hit directly at you.
    • 4 Groundballs hit 8-10 feet to your right.
    • 4 Groundballs hit 8-10 feet to your left.
    • 8 Groundballs hit directly at you.

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