Rising Juniors

Maximizing your Full Scholarship Opportunities

For this age group, the recruiting picture is really starting to clear up. Elite players have been to men's lacrosse events like the Champion All American Showcase or Empire State Games. Offers have started going out, personal invitations have been made to camps, and coaches at the top programs have a pretty good idea of who they want to recruit. Players have started to separate themselves.

Be Strategic About College Men's Lacrosse Scholarship Offers

That said, men's lacrosse recruiting has a trickle-down effect, meaning that as the top programs such as North Carolina or Hopkins narrow down their lists, recruits should figure that out and start looking elsewhere. One of the biggest mistakes recruits make at this stage is to still hold on that they’ll play for a powerhouse program when in reality that program has no intention to offer them any funding at all. It’s time for every single HS men's lacrosse player with aspirations of playing in college to get their viewership-enabled highlights video out to as many programs as possible. The less you’ve heard from coaches, the more schools you should be sending your profile and viewership-enabled video out to at this point. If you’ve been going to showcases and playing on club teams for 2 or 3 summers now and didn’t get a big stack of letters or any emails from coaches throughout your junior year, don’t expect different recruiting results by doing the same thing again in the summer between your sophomore and junior year.

Sending your profile and viewership-enabled video to schools at the right level will help you drive results. Remember you can’t get in front of every coach at every event. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity because you and that coach don’t end up crossing paths on the recruiting road. Kind in mind that the travel is also expensive and highly inefficient. As you’ve hopefully learned by now, attending these events hasn’t brought you enough recruiting results on its own. If you aren’t getting recruited heavily now, don’t do the same things over and over again and expect a different result. That’s the definition of recruiting insanity!

When it comes to recruiting, Go Big or go home!

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